What We Value

Loving Jesus & Serving Our Neighbors

God's Word

We preach and teach the whole counsel of God.
The Word of God is the cornerstone we build everything on.   Simply put, we teach the Bible. 


We enjoy different styles, but one heart of worship.
Its true that we have a different styles of worship in our 9:00 AM service in the FBG Sanctuary,  and in our 11:00 AM  service in the FBG Sanctuary, but the message stays the same no matter which service you attend
. . . Jesus is the Way. 

Friendships That Count

We believe that Discipleship,  Fellowship,  Outreach,
& Service to Our Community
are important parts of relationship with Jesus.  We demonstrate His love by loving our neighbors well. 


We believe part of loving our neighbors starts with discipling and equipping people to share the Love of Christ with their neighbors.  We do this by investing in these ministries for the whole family!
Kids, Youth, Men, Women & Adult Ministries.