FBG Kidz

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Discovering Jesus is FUN when you are with friends!  Our goal is to help our children find a place where they feel like they BELONG, teaching them to BELIEVE in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and finally to help them BECOME the disciple God is calling them to be.

Sunday Mornings    &    Wednesday Evenings


Sunday School 

This awesome ministry is led by a team of people whose passion is serving children and whose goal is to provide a fun and interactive program tailored just for kids no matter what age or grade. Each Sunday we take kidz on a journey to help them understand how God's story intersects with their own personal story, to get to know Jesus better and grow spiritually as they build meaningful relationships with other children and adults!

6:00 pm-7:30pm

The program usually runs for one hour and involves a rotation through three segments:

Large Group
A time for a Bible lesson, & worship.

Small Group
a time for discipleship, individual prayer and requests shared, and Scripture memory.

Activity Time
A time to have lots of fun and work together
through games, crafts, puzzles, or team building activities.

Safety & Security 

Check-in begins and classrooms open 10 minutes before each service.
If you’re visiting for the first time, feel free to come a little early to fill out a registration form.

  • Parent Paging: If we need you during service, we will text you., please bring your portion of the sticker that matches your child's. 
  • A unique family number will be generated and printed each week.
  • Child Pick-up: You must present your portion of the sticker before we release your child.